What makes your business special?
Our staff has been working together for years – 21, to be exact. Rhythms, roles, and routines are down pat. They are great at knowing what each product needs to stand out. I make the relationship a priority, and I want to know my clients. When products are ready, I will deliver them to our clients for an even more personal touch.
Your primary service offered: We print for other businesses! We print everyday items like business cards and letterheads, carbonless copies for the trade industries, menus for restaurants, direct mailers for realtors and nonprofit groups, and accessories for marketing: brochures, promotional items, posters. As events begin to ramp up again, we can print tickets, certificates, yard signs, and banners.
Why did your business join the Chamber?
Berkeley Chamber is quite the trend setter and is doing great things for the Lowcountry! Since we print for some Berkeley County businesses, this is our way to turn around and support them.
What community programs, projects, and efforts do you support?
We print for Berkeley County businesses and town government offices, helping them function each day, who then serve Berkeley residents. I am the new representative for Allegra in Berkeley’s Chamber, and only since our shutdown last year. I look forward to being more involved!
Why should the community support your business?
We are a locally owned, small business that has been in our current location since 1994. Chad has a printing degree and background, and his wife, and sales executive Allison, is creative and has an outgoing personality, making your task easy.
Fun fact about your business?
When Chad was in the process of buying the print shop, he asked if I wanted my name on the business. I said, “No!” People think it is funny when I say Chad owns the business, so then they ask this question to clarify, “Don’t you mean you two own the business?” Once the business was officially in Chad’s name, we realized life has brought us full circle: he bought the company that printed our wedding invitations!